Safety Savvy Registration

  • $75.00

Training By: Safety Savvy *This course will cover an overview of knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and care for sudden illness until more advanced medical help arrives. Respond to someone showing signs and symptoms of a medical emergency • Identify Barriers to Action• Understand Good Samaritan Laws • Identify Signals of Life Threatening Emergencies • Perform Check-Call-Care • Choke Saver/ Heimlich (Clear an obstructed airway in conscious adults, children and infants) • Respond when a conscious adult, child or infant with an obstructed airway becomes unconscious • CPR (Learn Hands-Only CPR adults, children and infants) • Identify Signs and Symptoms of anaphylaxis (food allergies) • AED (Automated External Defibrillators) ~Mission Statement~ Safety Savvy ™ programs focus on health and safety through lifesaving skills, with an emphasis on CPR/First Aid/AED training. Safety Savvy™ provides the knowledge to be safe and responsible with skills training to be prepared to act in an emergency.