Flip Disposable Inserts

  • $9.95

Features Compatible with Flip Diaper Covers Insert folds down to adjust size Dye and fragrance free Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of harmful substances Thin and absorbent design is great for travel and stocking diaper bags/li> Diapers For Any Baby Real life demands flexibility. With the Flip™ hybrid diaper system, parents can choose from three absorbent inserts to meet their changing needs. With Flip you are free to change it up and enjoy life wherever you go! Cloth Diaper in Three Easy Steps 1.Choose the best insert for your needs: stay dry, organic or disposable. Place insert in cover. 2.After use, toss the used insert in your diaper pail. 3.If cover is not soiled, reuse. Insert Disposal Flush solid waste before disposing of insert.