Didymos Woven Wrap Facett Midday Skies Size 6

  • $140.00

 The iridescent shades of blue of a clear midday sky woven into the finely structured texture of the DIDYMOS Facett wraps.

A true representative of the beautiful Facett design line, model Midday Sky is versatile and very mouldable, it adapts to all needs and daytimes and is suited to carry your child all day long, from newborn to toddler age.

 Cotton is a great workhorse fibre yet is soft & cuddly enough for a newborn and strong & supportive enough for toddler and pre-schooler wearing.  Cotton is easy to care for and quickly becomes soft with only a few washes and wears.  It is highly recommended as a beginner’s first wrap due to its ease of use!


You can carry any size or age of child in a cotton wrap comfortably.  Thin cotton wraps are usually soft & moldable brand new in the box and require little to no breaking in process!  We like to recommend thinner cotton wraps for new babies as they are easy to work with in learning & executing carries for the first time, especially with making passes under a new babies small legs!