Busy Bangles Charms For Moms

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Busy Bangles are handmade, pure silver whimsical changeable charms that baby's just love to hold and chew. Safe for little fingers and mouths, made of high quality materials and tested for strength. The perfect answer to a mom who loves to accessorize but who has little hands just waiting to explore. Pair your favorite charm with a silver charm chain, sold separately, and you are ready to go! Switch out your charm any time- you only need one chain! Shipped in lovely gift tins or bags, with care instructions included. From the creator Jessie Adams: About Busy Bangles ---------------------------- Busy Bangles are pure silver charms that appeal to both babies and moms alike! They are perfect to wear while breast feeding and baby wearing! I use 14 gauge fine silver and fuse my pieces. They are hammered to create texture while adding strength, and tumbled to add smoothness and shine. Busy Bangles was born out of necessity! I wanted to create a piece of fine jewelry that was strong enough for little hands to grab, yet pretty enough to wear out on a date or to the office. Busy Bangles are made out of pure silver and every piece is designed with a focus on strength and beauty. Chains are hand-assembled by myself, using components tested to be strong. Ever since I was a child, my mom has worn a necklace with a delicate round gold charm. From the time my baby could grasp and reach, she was always trying to grab hold of her Nan's necklace. She was fascinated by it! It was shiny and fun to grab and perfect for little fingers. I believe that this necklace helped my daughter to remember and recognize her Nan each time we visited! My goal is to create a necklace that was appealing for babies in the same way that my mom's "pretty necklace" is for my baby! Strong enough for little hands to reach at, but still attractive for moms (and grandmothers!).