Buddie Toys

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FAQs CAN I WASH BUDDIE? We do our best to keep buddie clean during the manufacturing process but as anything you buy for your baby, we recommend washing buddie before giving him to your child. You can either wash with soap and warm water or run buddie through your dishwasher. IS BUDDIE DURABLE? Buddie has gone through rigorous testing which included numorous stress tests to define its breaking point. We are confident that buddie can withstand whatever your baby can dish out. Even though the material is extremely durable, we do not recommend giving buddie to your pets and if ever you notice a broken surface or loose piece, please remove buddie from your child's toy rotation. DOES BUDDIE HAVE A SCENT? Yes! Buddie has a vanilla oil mixed into the elastomer that is FDA approved and safe for your baby. The large hole underneath and the small hole on buddie's head assist in the molding process but they also allow for increased airflow so buddie can dry easily after washing