Bijou Wear Woven Wrap Size 6 Lilies Fresh

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The beautiful Lilies design is anything but a typical floral. You'll not find this sort of handpainted look elsewhere, with striking vertical lines from the stems catching your eye, and complicated weave structures creating the shading of the blossom itself. Lilies Fresh is a very moldable wrap that hugs you back and stays in place with the perfect amount of microtexture. Passes lay smooth and pleat beautifully. It is simply an effortless piece of fabric with which to wear your baby. TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable. This is the sort of wrap that any new wrapper could pick up and enjoy because of how easily it glides, because it tightens nicely, and because it is lovely for newborns but will be great all the way through toddlerhood, as well.