Beachfront Baby Mesh Water Ring Sling

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The perfect way to enjoy your Summer! Beachfront Baby mesh slings are airy, light, and perfect for playing near the water. One size carrier fits a wide variety of wearer sizes, these slings will support full term babies to toddlers, 8-30 pounds. Please monitor newborns closely when in the sling. Always baby wear safely and be in tune with your baby. The jersey mesh fabric makes for a supportive carrier and can be used out of the water as well, perfect for warm climates or babies and wearers who can over heat easily. Beachfront Baby Carriers are not an appropriate restraint for riding in any vehicle, including a boat. Please use proper equipment including a car seat in a car & a personal floatation device made for babies & small children in a boat. Don’t do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms. This includes, but is not limited to: diving off the diving board, scuba diving, riding a jet ski, going down a water slide, water skiing, flipping into the water or any other dangerous water activities you can think of.