dryer balls

100% Wool Dryer Balls

  • $12.99

WHY WOOL DRYER BALLS? Chances are, you are looking for alternatives for products with harsh chemicals, perfumes and dyes found in laundry products like dryer sheets. These felted wool dryer balls will do the same job in less time. The wool soaks up some of the moisture in your laundry as it dries, but then evenly distributes it into the air – helping your dryer stay humid longer, which exponentially reduces static cling. In addition, this “soaking and releasing” action makes your clothes dry faster. Combine all of these things and less energy is used with your clothes having fewer wrinkles. It is recommended to use 3-6 dryer balls at a time for best results These Dryer Balls are the approximate size of a Tennis Ball, White in Color 58 gm and 71 mm.