LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Carrier Charcoal with Silver

  • $140.00

One of the most innovative soft structured carriers you will find. LILLEbaby boasts 6 different carrying positions, and this carrier is one of the only carriers you can use from birth (7 pounds minimum) to toddlerhood (45 pound maximum). Wear baby as newborn, face in with infant, face forward (Only when baby is 6 months or older, with strong neck control and not for long periods of time. Front facing babies may get easily overstimulated, always be in tune with your baby when forward facing), face in with wide seat, hip carry, and back carry. The All Seasons version is the perfect carrier to carry your baby from Summer (with panel zipped open) to Winter (simply zip panel closed!). Instructional videos for all the features of the LILLEbaby carrier may be found here. This carrier is one with all the bells and whistles- from lumbar support, adjustable straps (cross them or backpack setting), adjustable seat for your growing child and MORE! Available in a variety of colors- this carrier is perfect for moms and dads.