Just another day

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Today was just another day baby wearing. I've heard it said that babywearing is difficult. This statement gives me the feeling of it being a seriously conscious act. As if carrying your child was a dedicated hobby, making it more complicated than it actually is. A sort of elite mommy club that only the most skilled can be a part of. In our household, it certainly is a way of life. But the thought process is pretty simple- Baby Girl is fussing while sitting on the floor. I know she wants up. I have things to do. I grab a baby carrier. The most thought is related to what I have to get done and if I need her on my back or my front to be the most productive. No club. No awards won. Just a happy, usually soon to succumb to sleepy dust baby. And a mommy who can get on with her day. This is what I love the most about wearing my babies. The simplicity of strengthening our attachment through daily life. And its one of the things I will miss the most about my children being small. What do you love most about wearing your child?

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