Baby Carriers: Why Buy New?

Posted by Palestina Baronas on

A common post in parenting groups is a parent asking about baby carriers. It's usually someone new to babywearing. They are typically bombarded with multiple different carriers being touted as "the best" and inevitably someone, usually a very seasoned wearer, tells them to head to a used carrier trade site to purchase. Purchasing this way may save them about $15.00, sometimes more if they are really lucky. As an educator this tidbit of wisdom always makes me cringe. And here's why: Purchasing used bears an element of risk, especially if you are buying sight unseen from a stranger online. There is no way to know if the carrier was stored properly, if it has damage that could compromise the safety of the carrier (washed improperly, bleached, sun damage, heat damage from car storage in hot climates, etc), or if you will even receive what you pay for. Sadly, scammers are in every type of resale group. Used carriers are not covered by manufacturer warranty should a defect arise. If you get it and decide you dislike how it feels or your baby can't get comfortable, the seller will doubtfully accept a return and now you are out the money you spent on something you won't use. Lastly- who will help you with fit and use after you receive it? So what IS the value of a brand new baby carrier purchased locally, then? When you purchase a new carrier from a locally owned shop, you have the benefit of working directly with someone trained in babywearing who can help you navigate the vast selection of carriers available. You will have the option to physically try on multiple styles of carriers until you find the one that fits you the best, you are comfortable using solo, and that your baby prefers. Instinctive Parent offers fit support for every carrier we sell the entire time that you own it. That means if you are ready to adjust the seat on your Tula Free-to-Grow but aren't sure if the fit is correct afterwards, pop back in for a quick check. Ready to get baby on your hip in your Wrapsody ring sling? We can help with that! All baby carriers purchased from an authorized retailer will be backed not only by a sound return policy from us, but also by a manufacturer warranty as well as product registration should any safety concerns arise from the carrier, albeit a rare occurrence. We want you to LOVE wearing your baby. A good carrier is often used more than a stroller, and typically costs far less. We hear our customers speak about how their carrier was such an invaluable life saver, we also know this fact first hand! Purchasing from a store where you will have support using your carrier for the time you own it is worth far more than the few dollars you may save purchasing used.

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