Why Facebook Can't Tell You What Baby Carrier To Buy

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Facebook is pretty awesome, am I right?  You are able to find a Facebook group on every topic there is, even topics within a topic. Did you know there is even a group for Whovian Babywearers, for example? From baby carriers to cloth diapers, there are forums for everything. Due to the specific nature of many of these public forums, an intimate camaraderie is found with like minded strangers who quickly become like friends. Step Brothers Meme

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The only down side to this wealth of information, well informed or not, is it gives many users the sense that it is the end all be all of answerdom. Facebook has become the new Google. The fact is, it is impossible to ask questions of the internet in which a hands on approach will give you the best answer. This is the number one reason I don't buy jeans online. I HAVE to try them on. This is also the number one reason baby carriers should not be purchased based on other's reviews alone. Inevitably, often a brand new mom, will post a question to her Facebook mom group asking just this. And really, can you blame her? She's sleep deprived and she just wants a quick answer. But unfortunately, the only way to truly know what the best carrier is for you, your body type, your baby, and your lifestyle is to try them on. That one baby carrier that every one is raving about online may cut in to your underarm area during a front carry in the most irritating way. And the woven wrap that you find incredibly daunting and intimidating is so much easier than you may think.

Wrapsody Haumea baby carrier from Instinctive Parent Pembroke MA

This is why I started Instinctive Parent. There is no other resource on the South Shore or Cape Cod that caters to newly postpartum moms with personalized, in-store consults of baby carriers. I can meet with you in our convenient Pembroke store, with our entire inventory of baby carriers, so you can try, learn, and pick the one that works for you. I have hand selected an inventory that is both of high quality as well as of incredible value for the buyer. Consider a baby wearing consult in your quest for the perfect carrier. Don't rely only on the world of Google, er Facebook, for your answer.

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